Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Japanese Tea Party

Photos: Ian MacPherson

If you are looking for beautiful custom made invitation, Nathalie Rivet of {Imprintables} is the girl to talk to. She is busy working on a new website at the moment, so the best place to see some beautiful creations and ideas is her BLOG. 

Being a follower of the Imprintables Blog brings beautiful images and ideas to your screen on a regular basis and I can never wait to see Nathalie's next post.  The images above she sourced from lmnop which is an online magazine and blog. Please go HERE to read the full story behind the images above. Just beautiful!
Here are the links to the people who created this Tea Party
LMNOP Productions
Tee Pee Jr {Beautiful Kids Clothes}
Madame MO {French Co. bringing Japanese stationary to Australia}

If you are looking for all kinds of things for a party theme, visit Kawaii For You will post about this online store soon as it's so great!

Anyway, back to me and the Big Fat Event. Nathalie is currently producing the invitations which have been loosely based on these....

Sorry there is so much to take in with this post, but there was just so much to share!

Can not wait for next week when my invitaitons arrive and I can share them.


  1. Cant wait to see the pictures, I am sure it would be lovely!

  2. Just came across your lovely blog and wanted to say thank you so much for the link to my online store in this post. Still not happy that I wasn't able to go to this beautiful Japanese Tea Party. I couldn't really justify flying from Brisbane just for it! LOL. Christine xo


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