Monday, May 31, 2010

"Mummy, this was the happiest day of my life!"

Wow! Yesterday was the busiest event I have ever hosted. I was up, dressed and made up before the sun came up and didn’t get to bed until midnight, slipping into my little angel’s bed with her for a quick cuddle before I crashed to sleep.

So the day started with a bang, well a crash actually when a three tier plate stand full of beautifully decorated ruffled mini cupcakes smashed on the floor. While I fought back tears my little girl says “It’s ok mummy, do you want a hug?”. Sweet.

Once the tables were in place, we dressed little Liana in her beautiful white dress, soft pink wrap¸ the veil I wore for my First Communion and flowers, complete with sweet white shoes.

We arrived at the church and upon seeing all the other girls, none of which were wearing veils she turned to me and begged to take it off. Of course I let her, but then we had a big problem. The veil was held into her hair by a daggy pink hair tie (which wasn’t ever going to be seen) however now was on full display for all to see. What to do? What to do?

Thinking quickly I ripped one of the ribbons from the flowers and tied it around her hair, unfortunately the ends were ratty and there was not a pair of scissors in sight! I just closed my eyes opened them again and pretended I couldn’t notice.

All the little girls and boys stood outside while all the parents found their seats and awaited their walk down the isle. I cried like a baby! My little big girl looked so beautiful walking with her best friend Pheobe who was sharing the day with us and her family.

After the service the Church hosted a little morning tea for all the children to enjoy while I raced home to set up four tables for everyone’s arrival.

I had about 10 minutes to lay out the table, make the macchinetta coffee complete with heated milk and take all the photos. My mum poured me a glass of Champagne while we got busy and before I could get everything out the guests arrived! Quickly I snapped only a few photos and here they are.

This is how my little girl looked at the Church

She looks a little nervous

With her cousin and Sponsor - Stephanie

Back in the garden, best friends opened presents...

Liana disappeared and was back five minutes later in some play clothes she found! So typical of her.
Then the girls laughed and played ALL DAY LONG... evidence...

In the little lounge hideaway I made for them, they stayed for hours!

 And cut their cake ....

And we sipped milk......

And these are the 'Social Page' Shots :)

Liana's two favorite people, Daddy and Mummy.

And what did the boys do? Of course they played with guns!

I wish I could have taken more and better photos with all the food and gifts and decorations but there was just NO time. But that is it. All over now. I can not wait to sleep and rest and eat the left over cake for dinner :)

More about this event and preparations can be read here.

Credits go to:
Details Details for decorations, supplies, straws, napkins, bunting
Sharnel Dollar Designs for ideas, inspirations and little bottles
Imprintables for magically beautiful invitations
The Cupcake Courier for decorations, sugar hearts, the cupcake courier

P.S Here is a photo of the ruffle cupcakes just as I finished them


  1. I enjoyed reading the story of the special day. The dessert table looks so beautiful and elegant! And your daughter is adorable. I really loved the shots of your daughter and her girl friend chatting and playing in the gorgeous lounging spot.

  2. What a lovely story about your little girl's big day. The dessert table looked gorgeous. Well done :)

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  4. Oh Danielle, the photos you took are just beautiful.
    I adore the ones of her laughing with her friends - just gorgeous!
    She looked perfect, ratty end ribbon and all. Love that detail.
    Thank you for the mention, but you didn't have to. You are very sweet.

  5. Looked fabulous - very DC! Well done


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