Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Fat Croation First Holy Communion Mk 7 ~ The Bonbonniere

I am not fond of the word Bonbonniere, it sounds so daggy. But yet to find a better word.

So here you have it. The Bonbonniere for Sunday.

Glass tubes, ribbon, stickers all provided by Details Details.
Filled with Fruit Mentos on the left and musk sticks cut to size on the right.

The girls at Details Details even offered to put these together for me, but I decided to keep all that fun for myself!

Our Homemade Morning Tea Menu

Magnolia Bakery's Three Layer Vanilla Cake with Fresh Raspberry Frosting
Piped Italian Lemon Biscuits
Traditional Biscotti by Zia (Italian for Aunty)
Pikelets with Home Made Jam and Double King Island Cream
My Cupcakes iced with Butter Cream and Decorated
Raspberry and Apple Slice by Rebecca (Mum of Liana's Best friend and fantastic baker!)
Chicken and Almond Finger Sandwiches by Rebecca
Chicken and Cashew Cakes by Rebecca
Cheese Cake Lattice Slice
Home Made Sausage Rolls and Gourmet Mini Lamb Pies
Custard Tea Cup Shortbreads

If you have any other delightful recipes which you could share with me, please do. This is a European event, and would not be right if I did not have huge amounts of food and lots of left overs to send home in little packages. (yep, thought of those too)


  1. Those little jars are definitely not daggy. Very very cute.

  2. Oooh, they turned out so cute - just as we had imagined for you :) Enjoy your special day.


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