Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Off The Wall

In the words of the ever-entertaining FF, "at the coalface" (aka my office) armed with our cameras, steel capped boots and an open mind we boarded a bus on an excursion.

The first part of the day included two photography classes. Dean Holland from the aptly named business ‘Take Better Photos’ took us through four hours of learning which has resulted in only fantastic (and of course better) photos since.

It was fun, easy to understand and it doesn’t matter what camera you have, they pre read your manual for you and provide you with wallet-sized cheat cards customised to your exact camera model to keep in your camera bag. Or clip onto your camera strap, like I have.

Anyone can attend these courses around Brisbane and dates are on the website HERE. It will be the best $150 you could ever spend. And no, I am not getting any kickback from this ;) I truly believe this will change your life.

For the second part of the day we packed bottled water and headed for the Dam Wall (As in a Dam which holds water) which is home to a Hydro Power Station. (I know I have probably lost a lot of you already with this, but it is very interesting I promise you)

I took these photos inside the Station. Quite industrial I know, but it is a power station!

And this one out at Bellamore :)

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  1. I just love that bellamore image. So typical of a cold morning. Sounds like it was an excellent course.


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