Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food, Races and Food. Did I mention food?

This weekend I cooked up a storm, went to the races, ate and drank and ate. I still feel full.

Races were very fun, lots of laughs, champagne and seafood. Then for the remainder of the weekend I felt inspired to cook. FF's blog did assist my cooking inspiration.

Ironic that I have 90+ cook books, yet I use Google when I want to cook something and store them in my favorites.

I made Goulash (Recipe HERE) for about the 10th time.
A slow cooker Ragu (Recipe from Apartment Therapy HERE)
Bouillabaisse (sorry, don’t have a link to this recipe as it’s a Donna Hay one which has morphed into my very own concoction - but I did take a photo.)
Vichyssoise with bacon (this recipe is in my head. Its basically potato and leek soup with bacon bones, yum)
Ate Creme Brulee complete with flame throwing display! Boys and fire?!? What is with that ;)
And drank a HEAP and I feel like I have retained most of it!

So I give you my weekend in pictures...

Bouillabaisse with the Beau

Was invited to Bro-in-Law's Flame Throwing event (ie Creme brulee)

Races with the School Mums.

If you would like to read an entertaining story about the day at the races, head over to The Shoe Addict - Tracey's Blog HERE. Tracey and I have 'raced', 'polo-ed' and 'dined' at the same events over the years and I love how her stories capture these events so well!

I will leave you with a snippet of Tracey's story :

"We've all had a little too much champagne on occasion and maybe got a little over excited with racing cheer, but ladies, throwing up on the shoes you had on layby for three months is just not cool. Nor is carrying them while you walk to the nearest taxi rank in your fishnets."


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