Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New York, Bondi, Rockhampton?

Yeah, you read it right. I am off to Rockhampton. And I am not impressed. (I hope none of my colleagues (or as FF would say 'coal miners') in Rockhampton read my blog)

But I do have my Spencer and Rutherford luggage which makes the trip slightly more tolerable as I do enjoy having the most posh travel goods in the airport. But watch them like a hawk for fear of theft!

So although absent from my blog, I grab 10 minutes here and there to keep up to date with what has been happening in blog world.

I am in awe of the 1st Birthday Party over at My Life My Loves. I am not going to post a photo - GO THERE and see for yourself! It will be worth a few extra clicks!

I need to find out how to make these rose cupcakes over at Lou Boos and Shoes.

And I like these little tea tables on sale from The Old Boat House because they remind me of my great Aunt.

So what will keep me going over the next few days is that my very special extended family are heading to ...

We plan to taste lots of yummy things, pick out some cheese and small goods, stop by Cru Bar's Cellar to choose some crisp white and full red and head to somewhere by the river for an afternoon of eating and drinking.

The thing I love best about my cousins is our inclusively, our love of good food and wine and that we laugh a lot. Last time we were together for pig on the spit and oyster shucking dinner, we took some photos (as we always do) but this time using inspiration from collages we have on the wall we recreated some from history.

Here is the outcome. (a little naughty)


We have Ben - the youngest of the group and growing into adulthood, Josh - the most amazing home cook I have ever met and the only person I know who uses laboratory equipment in the kitchen to cook meat in salt baths and loves good wine as much as I do, Tammie - my well travelled sister who lived and worked in advertising agency in London for four years (soooo Bridget Jones diary) and Sarah - so sweet and charming and also the only Anthropologist I have ever met!


So enjoy your week and have a great weekend remembering my pain about Rockhampton the whole time please!


  1. Great photos, what a fun bunch. I have never met a real life anthropologist either. When I was 12 I really wanted to be one. Enjoy Rocky and do keep an eye on the luggage.

  2. Dear Digella,
    Thank you so much for your comments on my give back. You have so many great lifestyle efforts.

    There is a "deadlock" between your entry and another blogger's. So I'm leaving this up to you; would you be willing to split the giveaway as a tie, OR would you rather go with the results of my coin toss already determined in a three out of five win. FYI I had someone else do the second and third toss.

    Let me know, Thanks

  3. Hello Digella,

    The other winner would love to split this with you. I would like to send you the "sail tote" Please visit my blog for the email to contact me with your shipping information.
    Kind regards.

  4. Hi Digella, just popped over from FF blog.
    Will catch-up on your archives later when time permits.
    I seem to be inexplicably drawn to Brisbane bloggers, maybe I'm finally feeling like a local after migrating 20yrs ago, lol.


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