Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Baby Moses #2


After a stop at Samie's Girl at Portside, and baking up a storm we packed up the Digella-mobile and headed north. I had packed my little fold up table and chairs so we could be self sufficient. The only thing I forgot (unfortunately, very unfortunately) was to charge the SLR Camera. You will see why soon.....

After surveying all 'official' picnic spots we decided to set up our own little spot with the best vantage point of the whole place!

Baby Moses and the picnic set up

We had some Western Australian oysters with a little dip i threw together of rice wine vinegar, soy, brown sugar, garlic, chili and the whites of the spring onion. Fantastic and perfectly paired with the champagne.



Running down the road was this little doggy, of course I squeal with delight and then....

The puppy (we named Foxy) jumped STRAIGHT onto my lap and kissed me!
Just as we snapped this photo!

Then I fed Foxy some duck curry on a little vintage plate (recipe see Donna Hay)

We were having such a lovely time and Baby Moses approved, but then Foxy heard a call from Mum, turned and looked, jumped off my lap and he was gone!

We ate some beautiful cheese from Black Pearl and finished the champagne.

Just after this moment an Irish or Scottish back packing cyclist rode past and cried
"Beautiful, I commend your choice of position!" and stretched his arm out to convey the amazing view.
We laughed that he could have been the flatmate 'Spike' out of Notting Hill with the accent to match!

Then took in the view as the sun went down it shone its light right down on Brisbane's CBD.
Although this photo doesn't capture the effect, it was truly amazing to see.
(just near the tree the white you can see is the CBD. Click to see it larger)

And to top off the end of a fantastic winter's weekend the drive back down with the backdrop of the city lights was magical!

One word. Perfect.

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  1. that view is breathtaking D. I can see why you choose to set up camp there.
    Glad baby moses is getting to know you better.
    THanks for the shout out too!

  2. What a lovely and very stylish picnic. Good boy Moses!


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