Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Baby Moses

Well baby Moses and I spent the whole weekend together meeting with family and friends. The first few days are the most important when bonding they say... and boy did we bond!


After a sleep in, I rose and put together a Coq au Vin and popped it into my travelling slow cooker.  We call him McDreamy because it's as quick as McDonalds, but the food is dreamy and his original name is Dream Pot. Great for picnics. So Mc Dreamy met Baby Moses and they snuggled up in the back of the car while we travelled to the Black Pearl Epicure Open Day Sale and it did not fail to disappoint.

Stocking up on some great goods (and I will post all of these later in the week when I have writers block) we headed to New Farm Park shared our goodies, we sipped some lovely red wine out of my picnic stemless Riedel glasses and mopped up the Coq au Vin with some yummy crusty bread.
See Baby Moses there in the center!

 Everyone was so pleased to welcome Baby Moses into the family.

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