Thursday, July 29, 2010

Through the Glass ~ Moo Moo Brisbane

A little while ago I shot my first photo through a glass sitting in a restaurant in Noosa with view through the glass to the beach and it has become one of my favourite photos. See it HERE if you wish.

So, in honour of my initiation to the Brisbane Food Bloggers Group, I am launching the first of my ongoing features called “Through the Glass”.

There are some wonderful writers out there, I am just a mere scribe. So I will leave it to them to capture and review Brisbane’s eateries more aptly. My features hope to be quirky takes on experiences I have in places I eat. And I eat a lot!

Last night the Food Bloggers were hosted by Moo Moo at the Port Office Brisbane. I really enjoyed the company and the food.

The rooms were grand old world meets modern in a timeless way. Unlike Cloudland where there is just so much to look at and you worry if the food is going to be as busy as the d├ęcor, Moo Moo gave you a sense of ‘I know what I am going to get’. I like that.

Vegetarians would be appalled. Upon reaching the top of the grand staircase you are greeted by various cuts of meat hanging on meat hooks. Even I had to look away. It was quirky, but a little scary. Men would love it.

I loved our dining area. It felt like home with servants. I like that.

Wine was good. Food was good. I ate steak, but I bet you guessed that.

The place was buzzing. One of our large tables was to be reset for another group coming in a 9pm. The restaurant was full of many large groups in all different rooms. What I like best about this layout is that most rooms can be closed off by the original charming solid timber doors. I worried that because Moo Moo is a large resturant it may feel like a food court, but not at all!. I like that.

My pelvic floor got a huge work out; the toilets are on a different level to our dining room and I didn’t want to spend a minute away from my new friends. Although a problem, I understand this is the way in many old buildings with heritage challenges (like the Brisbane Polo Club) When I did finally make it to the bathroom, it was well equipped. Complete with soap, hand cream, those groovy Dyson hand dryers and hand towels. I love that. (not keen on places with no paper hand towels)

I met some really great people and very much looking forward to getting to know them all better as time goes on. It was great to spend time with people who share my love of food and the Brisbane food scene. The main difference with dining with food bloggers and my normal dining folk is that as each course appears on the table, the cameras are whisked out and flashes are going off every which way! I like that.

Well that is it for me. I will let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Tasting Plate




  1. Love your through the glass photos! The food looks awesome. xo

  2. ROFL, I looked at your photos and saw me through your glass. Cracked me up!

    Great night, sorry we didn't get to chat much

  3. I love Moo Moo and my wife and i have become addicted to it. Well done to the owners for creating such an amazing venue.


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