Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Behold the Floordrobe

Floordrobe: the use of the floor as a clothes storage area.

Last evening upon entering my sons room and pointing to the floor I exclaimed [insert screamed like a banchee in lieu of exclaimed]

"Boys! Why are all these clothes on the floor? Why is this room a mess? Why are there shoes everywhere? And why are you just sitting there staring at me and not doing anything"

Can you guess the response? The 12 year old says,

"We're boys mum, ok"

For a moment I just stood there and took it in. The room, the boys, the mess. And then in my calm [insert condescending] voice I replied.

"Ok, well you are boys now, then you will become teenagers, then men, then husbands. Do you want a woman in her thirties yelling at you your whole life?"

So I explained that the floordrobe will not be a new design element to their room and anything I find on the floor again will go to the local thrift shop and they will have to buy it back with their own money.

Tough love.

Today I came to work and looked up floordrobe and saw photos like this one below and feel much better about my boys. But this is just disgusting!

NOT OUR HOUSE - A floordrobe somewhere out there.

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  1. Oh my goodness, and sometime I think my house is super messy. Eeeek.


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