Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arriving on my Bookshelf

While reading my first ever copy of Marie Claire (what in the hell took me so long to get on that train I will never know) from around pages 350 there awaits 12 pages of Country entertaining and food inspiration. In haste I look at who has styled these pages and it is revealed it is Melbourne fashion designer Fleur Wood and these pages are extracted from her new book which has just been released titled:

Food Fashion Friends: Recipes and Styling for Unforgettable Parties

The beautiful cover

From Marie Claire's September Issue

From Marie Claire's September Issue

Check out more pages from the actual book on Fleur Wood's website HERE (you will not be sorry)

Read more about the book HERE at Australian Women Online.

I showed the pages to Baby Moses and he agreed that we should buy this book too. So once it arrives, I will be sure to share more on my blog.


I enjoy hearing from everyone. Thank you so much!