Monday, August 23, 2010

Macarons the new Cupcake?

Ever since my friend sung the praises of the macaron during a Peekaboo styling photo shoot and my Chouquette goodie breakfast at Black Pearl with Maggie Beer HERE I have a) wanted to taste a macaron and b) get to Chouquette.

Perfect combination for after lunch treats at polo I'd say!

So my first experience with a macaron was the flavour of Lemon and Basil. And it was magnificent! I can now understand why some people claim that macarons are the new cupcake. I say - Why not have both!

In a post by over at Adventures of a Wandering Nyonya which I found while googling 'cupcakes and macarons' (I know how very Confessions of a Shopaholic of me?)

The world it seemed has gone mad about macarons. I don’t blame her, I am too. Cupcake craze is yesterday – today they are these dainty sweets. Both are rather similar, pretty to look at and heavenly in taste – although not entirely the same thing, one is a cake while the other is , well a macaron, light as a feather and yet it can satisfy your sweet craving to the fullest.

I have to admit I am more fascinated by the way they look and I love their diverse fillings and somehow they don’t feel as heavy as your regular cupcake. I guess it does depend on what craving you are trying to fulfill. They are made of sugar, egg whites and finely ground almonds and you can add a variety of flavours and colours to them. As for the filling, any combination you can think of , I supposed goes!
So there you have it! You read it here first. I ate a macaron, at the Polo on a sunny winter's day in 2010.

Would love to hear what everyone else thinks about this? Is the macaron the new cupcake? I am including them in a little dessert table I am creating for next month, but of course there will be cupcakes. Lemon and cream cheese cupcakes to be exact!


  1. definitely think you are onto something there- they might just be the new cupcakes- but there is always a place for old favourites.

  2. I think macarons have experienced a big surge in popularity, but I don't think they'll every replace cupcakes.. Although I adore looking at and creating macarons, I enjoy eating cupcakes much more... But hey, as GG says, there's room for both!

  3. As much as I love macarons, I think that cupcakes will always have a special place for anyone with kids. You can't whip up a batch of macarons with your kids and let them decorate the top.


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