Friday, August 20, 2010

Australian Federal Election 2010

I promised myself I was NOT going to post regarding the election. For those of you outside the land down under that is Australia, we have almost reached the pinnacle of the election champagne oops I mean campaign which is Voting Day! Tomorrow all Australian's will be heading to polling booths at local schools, dodging people shoving 'How to Vote' cards in your face and possibly purchasing a cake or slice and sausage sizzle on the way out. I'm excited. We have spent weeks, well really since the Ginger Ninja aka Julia Gillard pushed Rudd out we debate and discuss politics every day at work. My boss and I watch Q&A every time it is on, revel in Gruen Nation and Yes We Can-berra. ABC and twitter feed are my new boyfriends. My tweet was even posted on Q&A! Much excitement in the office the day after that I can tell you! Maybe it was because I was on the rebound from Masterchef and was left with nothing to watch on TV, but I doubt it. I am loving it!

Anyway, I promised myself I was not posting on anything election. That was until I read "How to Host an Election-Night Soiree" by Liz Burke over at Girl With a Satchel (a blog by Erica Bartle) And what little will power I had was quashed. Liz has also inspired me to host an Election soiree of my own tomorrow evening. I am so excited!
Photo from Girl with a Satchel

Suggested cocktails:
Ballot-cardi Breezer
Long Island Iced Timor

Bob Brownies

For the party games:
Pin the tail on the donkey voter

There are even some handy hung-over parliament remedies.

As Liz suggests, get on the (boat) phone and arrange your party NOW!

Read it all HERE you will not be sorry. (or maybe you will and I am just a sad case and need a life and still grieving over my earrings and anything to take my mind off that is good)


  1. Thanks for the endorsement of Liz's election party plan, Digella. Happy Election Eve!
    Erica @ Girl With a Satchel


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