Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ekka Results - Proud Mum Alert!

The Royal Queensland Show 2010

Chocolate Cake (iced or uniced) Junior (under 16 years)

1st Place - Addison

2nd Place - Corey


  1. Oh the little darlings. Congratulations proud Mum and Juniors! A-M xx

  2. That is fantastic news, congratulations to both your boys :)

  3. oh my gosh! Amazing- Congratulations!! Can I come over to your house for some baking tips?!

  4. Fantastic news! Well done to your boys and to proud Mum! You can eat the cake now....

  5. Congratulations how completely amazing. Wish I was going so I could check them out in person.

  6. Congratulations and well done to both your boys! That is awesome. Btw I received my prize the other day (apron, pot holder, oven mit), my 12 year old daughter donned the beautiful apron straight away and made some shortbread. Many thanks again.


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