Thursday, August 5, 2010

Retail Ravings

Now that all the tax returns are here or on their way, I thought I would post a little of what I have seen this week to buy.

I have a few upcoming social engagements and normally could exhume something from my wardrobe however I am so excited to see more red, white and blue coming out this spring that I may need a few items to spruce it up.  I have always loved nautical.

Now, on some more 'designer news', Hermes to come to Brisbane in December 2010. Just in time for Christmas.

Brisbane Hermes

The view from Hugo Boss Brisbane to Hermes

Look past the Clearway sign, and the Garbage Bin ... feast your eyes on the hording which stands between us (the commoners) and Brisbane's world of Hermes.

If you put your ear up very close you can here the hum of the workers behind the wall. How exciting!

Now back to the middle of the road fashion again for a moment, I love it when the Seed Feeme email hits my inbox monthly. I really like the outfits they put together, and am pleased they are launching Seed Femme in DJs in coming months.

Myer is my one stop shop for lunch time shopping today. I opened the Myer Catalog last night and was very excited. Here are some of the items which caught my eye.



  1. Thankyou for introducing me to the Seed Feeme website, I don't have easy access to all these wonderful stores, so online shopping is my friend :)

  2. I love that striped jacket in the first shot. I was looking at it in Myer myself just the other day. I too love the nautical look. I will also take a look at that website. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I did see the Hermes site when I was in the city today- exciting although I doubt whether I will ever be able to afford anything I want!


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