Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Baked Morning Tea

Today at the office we held a Home Baked Morning Tea. I was SO impressed with the dedication of the team.

The requirement was that you MUST bring something which you lovingly prepared in your kitchen. It just so happened to be E's birthday and she tries to keep things gluten free so a few of us included gluten free for her.

My boss told me a few weeks ago that I can take full credit for the baking enthusiasm our team now has as some of the girls had never baked anything from scratch EVER and now all of them bake! She also said that the day I said to her "Do you have flour, sugar, butter and eggs? Then why would you bake something out of the packet?" was what changed her from thinking the height of baking sophistication was adding choc chips to a packet mix, to now making all of her daughter's birthday cakes, cupcakes for other people's parties and today the most beautiful gluten free brownies!

She almost made me cry! How cool to think that between supporting my children to bake and encouraging fellow workers I am potentially changing a culture and making a mark on the future of baking for these families.  Too soppy? Ok, lets move on... Following is some of what we consumed.

Cupcakes (of course)
Chocolate Brownies
Gluten free Chocolate Brownies (very good!)
Gingerbread men
Sausage rolls
Gluten free melting moments (very good!)
Gluten free ricey slice
Chocolate cookie and cream fridge cake (so reminds me of my grandma)
Banana cake with caramel icing (I have had two slabs already)

If you would like any recipes let me know and I will grab them off the girls. I can confirm I was extremely impressed with the gluten free goods and can not taste the difference between normal flour and gluten free flour. Yum!


  1. What a great idea! Well done, sounds like it was a hit and everyone enjoyed it. I am now hungry. ;-)

  2. Please go into my boyfriends work place and spread your magic there- they eat cocktail frankfurts and frozen sausage rolls as a treat for morning tea. C is the only one who realises there is a problem


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