Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Through the Glass ~ Vapiano

A few weeks ago, my friend Anni and I headed to Vapiano in Brisbane's CBD. I have been back four times since!
Interesting concept, not the place you would go if you wanted to be waited on, but I liked it. Anni commented that it felt like we could have been in another city. And it did. Would be perfect for a couple of very casual after works drinks as the upstairs area is HUGE.

My favorite dish so far is the Insalata Nizza (aka tuna salad) with a couple of slices of pasta dura and a bottle of San Pellegrino = $16.50

The best thing about this style of dining is that we were in and out quite quickly and there was time to shop. Perfecto.


  1. Looks good! You need speed and efficiency when there is serious shopping to be done! ;-)


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