Friday, September 3, 2010

Christmas Scheming

You do realise that as soon as Fathers Day is out of the way this weekend that Christmas decorations will be EVERYWHERE! And today I received another cupcake courier (taking my total to three and capability to courier 108 cupcakes on demand) with some Robert Gordon Homemade Cooking Stickers and I am feeling inspired to start creating!

So step into action I say.

My crafty and creative friend and I are attending Black Pearl Epicure's Edible Gifts Class in December. Mucho excitement right here!

Each year without fail I make homemade Baileys Irish Cream and some Christmas custard shortbreads.  Sometimes I produce vanilla vodka, however this often turns to a very messy Christmas day so that is only an occasional gift because I am then likely to get blamed for Boxing Day hangovers. Not good.

Last year I produced a little cookbook as a Christmas Card with a selection of my most requested recipes. That was a HUGE hit!

This year I will make some Christmas Cookie Mix Jars like Sharnel did. Why? Because they are super sweet and I ever since I saw how fantabulous Sharnel's looked last year I have wanted to make them.

Sharnel's Reindeer Cookies

Go to this link HERE to see all of lovely Sharnel's Crafty Christmas Posts.

I really like Glory's idea of little cookie bags. I might use this one too for the domestically challenged men. I will make them some cookies, then all they have to do it eat! See HERE on how to make these little gems.

Glory's Cookie Bag How To

Who else has started Christmas Scheming?


  1. I am so in a Christmas mood! I love everything about it. I especially love your gorgeous ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

    I just got my Black Pearl Mail out the other day-everything looks wonderful!

    Best wishes,

  2. Your post has put me in a spin! Didn't we just have Christmas? Where has the year gone? I need to start planning...

  3. I'm thinking of Christmas already too!! Thanks for sharing my little bags!


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