Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nigella Lawson New Book - Kitchen

Not yet released in Australia, (I am guessing this could be released in conjunction with either a) Christmas or b) Her visit to Austria in March. My bet is on March.

Anyway, it's way to me (in pounds and ounces) from the UK! YAY!

Very exciting news everyone.

I have every single one of Nigella's books. All in hardcover except "How to Eat" some I also have in soft cover also. I am an addict, what did you expect!

This is what we have to look forward to:
  • It is hardcover. My favorite kind of book.
  • It is whopping 512 pages (Feast is 480 and How to Eat 496 to give other Nigella loves an idea of how big we are talking here!)
  • The book is divided into two parts - Kitchen Quandaries and Kitchen Comforts.
I hope it arrives soon. I ordered mine copy for $39.34 from The Book Depository. We are silly at work and call it The Book Suppository because we are tight arses and as they are so reasonably priced and have FREE shipping they are right up our 'alley'!

Anyway, if I love it, and I mean really love it. I will host a giveaway and send it to one lucky reader!

Go HERE to the link to buy your very own copy.


  1. I have heard a little about this new book, I might have to visit The Book "Suppository" and get a copy on it's way to my house :)

  2. You are seriously addicted- I own NO nigella cook books- oh dear- how shameful! I will steal one or two from Mum and Dad !


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