Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Yellow Digella Ruffles

These beauties deserve a post of their own don't you think!

I had used up all my cake decorator yellow colouring and was forced to resort to Queens Yellow which I thought would be fine. Alas not. Look, it was fine in the grand scheme of things, but as I was going for a butter yellow and it turned into a bright yellow I was disappointed.

How did this happen? Did I add too much? Well no, I carefully added the colour and was happy with the result. Then iced the cakes and two hours later I came home and they had changed! They were a much brighter yellow.

So that is a lesson learnt. Take care with inferior yellow colouring!

These are now known as Digella Ruffle Cupcakes. I am loving them.

The Digella Ruffle Cupcake

A yellow carnation

More on these and a short 'how to' HERE


  1. These look gorgeous, I hope you won't mind if try to create some similar pink ones for my daughters first birthday in a few weeks :)

  2. Whatever colour you end up with they look fantastic and yes, they look like a carnation. Well done! ;-)

  3. The colour looks fine to me - but I understand - when you have a look specifically in mind and it doesn't pan out that way through no doing of your own, it's frustrating. I also have to say, the cakes themselves look gorgous.

  4. Congrats on the Digella Ruffle Cupcake, love them they look gorgeous, these will be the next must try piping style. btw thanks for your comments and becoming a follower on my blog you have encouraged me to keep blogging!

  5. Luff your ruffles, so so pretty!

  6. Very pretty ruffles, good to know about the queens yellow, great match with the pic of the carnation.

  7. Your cupcakes are beautiful! Can you tell me which tip
    you use to create the ruffles? I am an aspiring cupcake
    maker in Canada.

    Love your Blog!


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