Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ada & Darcy Loves Pink Too

Well seeing you all love pink, I thought I should do another post about some more pink things I am loving at the moment.

Kelly of the blog Ada and Darcy loves pink as much, if not more than I do. I love her style.

She has opened an online store, in case you missed it. You will love.

These are the pink things I am putting on the Christmas list for myself

How is this for a lampshade! I love candy stripe. HERE

A baby pink Moroccan Pouffe HERE

I would love a little wall of frames, this Strawberry one is sweet HERE

Thank you for your lovely comments, now that I am convinced even more that pink is cool I feel better about my obsession. My boys are used to it, but maybe as they get older I will have to tone in down a little. I don't want them bringing girls home to meet me and I look like that sad spinster surrounded with kitch florals and candy stripes.


  1. very sweet! love the frame in particular.

  2. Hi Digella, love candy stripes too! Mimi xx

  3. I just visited the Ada & Darcy website. So many delectable things. Now I know where you got those lovely pink stripy straws for your daughters pretty party.

  4. Mrs Moerk, Glad you loved Ada and Darcy! But I got my straws from www.detailsdetails.com.au a lot of stores are stocking them now! And why wouldnt they, I love them!


I enjoy hearing from everyone. Thank you so much!