Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Country Happens

Over the past few weeks I have made a number of visits to the family farm up near Toowoomba. Every day has been wet. That doesn't mean rain, it means wet. It can take up to two weeks for the ground to dry out enough that you don't require four wheel drive to get out of the property. But we had fun anyway, and the children had the best time. Alas, they are sick now. Oops bad mummy, bad mummy!

Anyway, I thought I would give you a bit of what I have been up to in pictures because a few readers have been complaining about too many words lately. I agree.

Beautiful old home in Marburg

I considered these blue milk glass lanterns I found in the Antique shop just need the railway.
There was heaps of blue milk glass there.

We stopped into the first Cupcake shop in Toowoomba.
Hopefully next time I will get to meet Tamara, she was busy baking on the day we visited.
The cupcakes were delicious, the best store bought cupcake I have EVER had. (Go the passion fruit)

Me "Damit! I forgot the onions."
Mum "That's ok, we can go out to the paddock and pick some"

Will do another post about this delightful little place

Child 1 "Wow, look at this ship!"
Child 2 "It must take months and months to put this together"
Shop keeper "Nar mate, we get them built in Taiwan, it only takes them buggers three days"

I spy with my little eye some Jessie Steele Aprons from The Cupcake Courier!

An amazingly restored wood stove complete with water heater on the left hand side!
At Marburg Antiques.

Farm fresh eggs for breakfast - none of THIS stuff happening on this farm.

I think Ruby and Belle was looking for one of these? There are loads in Marburg.

And home we go, through this. We made it, thanks to the Digella-Mobile.


  1. What a great trip and gee you write well! So funny.. I really don't visit you enough..or anyone else! I love your bike too..Rachaelxx

  2. Great blog! And love those blue milk lanterns. Sounds like a great trip despite the rain!

  3. I have been to both 'simple things small joys' and the antique place at Marburg on my last visit to Towoomba. Both great places and have wonderful treasures. I love those blue lamps, and the chandelier is gorgeous. ;-)

  4. I love that blue milk glass, have been on the hunt for a blue jug those lanterns are lovely.
    The Chandy is georgous too.
    I think we must plan a day trip down that way soon.
    Thanks for the party places,her birthday is not until early Jan but with Christamas and a trip to Sydney in the hols thought it might be good to get organized.

  5. I have just moved to Brisbane from Toowoomba-3days before the flood. I love love love Marburg-I bought a pink timber table and chairs at the antique store recently. I am worried about the state of the shop now-heading back up next weekend (weather permitting) I shall see then.

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  7. I want those cupcakes in there.


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