Thursday, October 14, 2010

Muppet Shuffle

In the book 'Shoot the Puppy - A survival guide to the curious jargon of modern life' penned by Tony Thorne, there are many interesting terms and meanings. One of my favorites is the Muppet Shuffle - meaning, the redeployment of problem staff. As a further example - the under performing or troublesome employees, the 'muppets', were to be 'shuffled', that is, moved out into the other unsuspecting departments, or given new roles which would effectively neutralise them.

Well. I would fix this. I thought would perform my own 'muppet shuffle' Miss Piggy Style before I could be an unsuspecting victim!

haaaa yaaaaa!

I am kidding really, but I thought it was a good story to make up so that I could announce that I have a new office domain. Same company (7 years now) just a different seat. I will be now admiring this view, day in, day out.

Well hopefully better than this, without the current flood debris and more blue sky - which is a good analogy to for the actual work too.

I am really happy about this because it gives me a chance to have a HUGE throw out, declutter and reorganise. There is nothing like move to refresh.  Then I will get to treat myself to some new KiKi K or similar goodies.  Yay

Following is what I have to work with:

New seat. Sorry Tracey, I am in your chair now... and everything will be PINKED

I am loving this, but do you think it will match my (hopefully) coming Kate Spade Blackberry case?

I have asked for the pink one - so sweet!


  1. No doubt it will be gorgeous, be sure to post pics! Rachaelxx

  2. Looks like a fabulous view! I'm a little jealous. And my office is a bit of a disaster- I tried to make it pretty with decals and whatnot, but still that overwhelming officey feel!

  3. Great view of the river there :) I can't see anything from my office (because there's no window!!!)

  4. What a gorgeous office and with a gorgeous view! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx


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