Tuesday, October 5, 2010

‘I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake.’ Alexa Johnston

During one of my book buying frenzies I considered Alexa Johnston's book, but put it back on the shelf because I made a commitment to only buy hard cover books.  Why? Well because I have so many and I don't like clutter and unused items in the house but at least if they were hard cover it they would look neat and give my daughter a cookbook inheritance.  So I stick to my five star big, bulky hard cover books, preferably with dust jacket. Then have them covered in PVC. Yes, I'm a freak.

I really wish I had more time to blog, but that would mean I would have to give up some of my time set aside for baking, and that just would not do! But I have made a commitment to set aside 30 minutes or so every other day to research one of the presenters I will be seeing at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

So this is where Alexa comes in. She is victim number one.

When I went to Alexa's beautiful website, I was reminded of her dismissed paper back cookbook and now feel bad. Then to add insult to injury while looking at her list of recipes on her website I feel I have wasted so much time not creating them myself! Another wonderful element she has included on the website are Helpful Hints from whisking eggs for a sponge cake to rotating trays for even baking.

I am totally in love with Community Cookbooks. Which is strange considering I only by hard cover books! However, community cookbooks are like me and camping; even though it looks one star, the joy and experiences you get from it can last a lifetime. Alexa has drawn on a huge collection of community cookbooks ans tested each scrumptious recipe which has filled her cook book with delights for EVERYONE!

With recipes on her website like Fijian Chocolate Cake with a whole tin of coconut cream, Crunchy Apple Slice and French Bonbons one is bound to be inspired to start creaming butter and sugar and baking some good old fashioned comfort food.  Check them out, then run and buy the book like I have just done because:
 ‘By embarking on baking we link into an honourable tradition that stretches back to our grandmothers and great-grandmothers and great-great grandmothers who filled countless plates with tempting treats for afternoon teas and suppers all across the land.’ Alexa Johnston
 It seems I may have found a baker 'down under' to love.


  1. I have not heard of Alexa Johnson until now, Danielle, thankyou for introducing us. I think I will be adding a couple of new cookbooks to my collection! I have just ordered Nigella's Kitchen and Rachel Allen's latest cookbook!

    I am off to have a closer look at the recipes on her website.

    Katena x

  2. What a pretty cover. Yes Digella, that's a bit of a freakish but completely understandable quirk. I remember someone once couldn't understand why I would buy a cookbook in hardcover when I already had the softcover in my collection......I'm sure you could explain it to them.

  3. Linda V,

    I have done that at least three times. Once with Nigella's Feast, again with Domestic Goddess and The Magnolia Bakery cookbook.

    Then I give away the soft covers with love to those who will love them as much as I love my few hard covers!


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