Monday, October 4, 2010

Nigella + Digella {match made in Melbourne} MK2

Tickets came on sale at 9am this morning. And some sessions were sold out when I phoned at 9:15am!

After some re-jigging it is set. And I am saving the very best until last.

On Saturday I will be seeing:

Chris Salans, Mozaic, Bali 'Jungle Boy'
Alexa Johnston, New Zealand. 'Home Baking Revival'
Roy Choi, Kogi BBQ, USA. 'LA Takeaway'
Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer 'National Treasures: Queens of the Kitchen'

For dinner we might duck over to Waterfront for a chowder or Kew Grill on the Hill for a steak. When in Melbourne I always do those things!

My Sunday's sessions are as follows:

Zakary Pelaccio, Fatty Crab, USA. 'Tale of the Fatty Crab'
Cath Claringbold and Jude Blereau, Australia. 'Seasonal Salvation'
Anna Gare, Australia. 'Food for Now'
Nigella Lawson, UK. 'Food for the Women I love'

I am so excited! Who else will be there?


  1. Oh you lucky thing! Sounds fabulous :)

  2. Argh- that is super exciting- lots of great people to see there!

  3. You'd better not eat all day if you're going to Charcoal Grill on the Hill. Those steaks are monstrous! If you love a bit of French, then Libertine @ North Melbourne is my fave.

  4. I'm glad to hear you got tickets. I hate waiting on the phone and also waiting for tradesmen, have no patience for it.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend away. :-)

  5. What a lineup you are going to have the best two days ever! I was going to get tickets to see Nigella & Anna Gare but decided not to when I saw they cost $160! (saving up for a holiday next year)...look forward to reading all about it when you post.

  6. Next time you come visit Melbourne, check out this website- You may discover some more restaurants and bards with interesting range of wine and food as well. Enjoy!


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