Friday, October 1, 2010

Lee Ann Thornton - My Design Hero

I think Lee Ann Thornton's eye for design is my absolute favourite. It is fresh, soft, not overly feminine, summery but most importantly not too bold that you would tire of it. I have loved her for the longest time!

How great to see Kerri at Driftwood Interiors loves her too and shared that she now has a blog. Thank you Kerri, I have been absent to blogging through the month of September and haven't kept up with all the news.

 Lee Ann's website Thornton Designs is just beautiful and I have blogged elsewhere about this before. I promise you her blog It's Everything I love will be something very special too.

See! I told you. Her work is beautiful!


  1. We obviously share great taste Digella! Her work is gorgeous, and I'm so happy she now has a blog too. I can't wait to see what little bits of lovely she shares with us next. K xx

  2. Digella! Thanks so much for your lovely birthday comment earlier this month. I have been so busy I forgot to tell you that you are the winner of the wine! I can post it to you- or drop it off after next week so let me know your address!

  3. I agree her style is divine. Are you gearing up to buy your Nigella (Melbourne Food & Wine Festival) tickets on Monday?

  4. I love the second picture, have been on the hunt for some beautiful blue fabrics to make cushions with for the new house.
    Thanks for the lovely inspiration


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