Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sun is Shining for this Sunny Mummy

Sometimes you just need to paint your nails and go to Nooooosa!

My brunette friend Bec

I am all fixed now after a wonderfully sunny weekend.  I am so glad to be over that mood. And now I can start working on my figure again. It sure took a beating last week with all those tasty dim sims and wine after work!

Now, while we are talking all things sunny! Did you know that Australia's very own Sunny Mummy is in Queensland! Up for the week from Sydney. She is hosting a 'Sunny Mummy After Dark' evening at Cru Bar (my fantabulous venue idea) this Friday (29 October 2010) perfect for those mummies who love to throw on a bit of bling and join a hip and happenin' group of other sunny mummies! More info on facebook HERE

If you are interested in attending, let me know as I will make sure you are on the door list!

P.S. One of the occupational hazards delights of having a personalised number plate is that people always see you out and about.  Julie, a lovely reader introduced herself to me on Hasting Street as I was mid lecture with the children as they were hopping out of the Digella-Mobile into oncoming traffic.

I am so sorry I seemed a little scatter brained, but thank you so much for coming up and saying "Hi".  I loved how your little girl yelled "Look Mum! Its Digella"    I just wish I hadn't almost hit a pedestrian as I was pulling my car into my Rock Star status carpark right in the mecca of Hastings street as I would have been in a far better 'place' for talking to you!

By the way, I had been doing bogan laps for 20mins to get that baby!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend in Noosa. Any suggestions for restaurants? We are heading up there in a couple of weeks for a weekend and will venture into Noosa on Saturday night for dinner - somewhere.... ;-)

  2. I just lost my comment! forgive me if half of it has already arrived. I was going to add that it is great to see other people be creative with their words such as fantabulous. I just love Noosa glad you had a fab time.

  3. glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm jel jel of your Noosa attack- haven't been for AGES. P.S I still have some wine sitting on my desk for you. When would you like me to drop/collect/meet?


I enjoy hearing from everyone. Thank you so much!