Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Carolyne Roehm & Workshopping Christmas

Each Christmas I choose a theme and everything is teamed with that theme. Even my Christmas day outfit.

Green and Pink have featured once, and as I have explained in an earlier post, I think it might feature again this year.

A friend and I did a book swap a couple of months ago. I got the ones below to borrow for a while. I LOVE them.  My favorite one is 'Presentations'. Carolyne Roehm creatively displays how to wrap any gift perfectly. I like that. You can visit Carolyne Roehm's website here. I have long been a fan of her stuff, and her new website is beautiful.

You know, I would prefer someone give me a beautifully wrapped gift with nothing inside, than a CD in a plastic bag. Its all about the WOW factor for me - that's how I roll.

Carolyne Roehm Books

So this friend doesn't know that I am going to drop this on her. But in a couple of weeks time I am descending on her house armed with the books to return, and we are going to sit and workshop Christmas ideas. She is going to hook me up like no ones business with what I am going to give the teachers, the work friends, the neighbours and I will be set like jelly.

Now what does she get in return? Well apart from the wonderfulness which is Digella, I will bring some cured meats, fresh produce and something sweet from Couquette I think.

I wonder if she will comment on this post. I haven't told her yet. How's Saturday 20th November looking?


  1. Sounds like a plan, I'm sure with all the goodies you'll be bringing over your friend will be set like jelly too.

  2. I read "Presentations" too. Wonderful book!


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