Monday, November 8, 2010

Finders Keepers Markets Brisbane

How wonderful is my city! Well I think so. Brisbane is really coming alive. Or maybe it could just be that I am finally emerging from the cloud of 'young children motherhood' and into 'real life' again.

Being a teenage bride and mother has its joys and sacrifices. On one hand it is fantastic to be so young now with these fantastic and active children. On the other hand I never really got any adult life in Brisbane.


Being in my 30s has been the best time in my life.
I have got through the baby making time and happy that I never have to give up soft cheese again.
Worked hard to achieve a good solid CBD job with fantastic conditions and a wonderful boss .
I know my sense of style and fashion. (yeah, it's not groundbreaking, but it's me)
I feel confident but not cocky.
I have good friends, but don't need to spend all my time with them.
My sisters are adults now (I am the eldest) and we swan about a lot. 
I dont have to drink beer with cordial shots on Friday nights because I can afford good wine and even cocktails if I want to. 
For all the tears I shed in my 20s there has been so much joy so far in my 30s.
Best of all, I like my own company. I am happy to date myself at least once a week. I take myself out alone or get 'the man' to take them out for a few hours.

Anyway, too many words.. lets get to the Markets.

It was held in the Old Museum. What a beautiful old building.

Brisbane's Old Museum

What a beautiful building. I would love a wedding here. Carrie, SATC style!
Inside the first hall. POM POMS!

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique BLOG and WEB
The most beautiful stall at the market.
They have bookplates, gift tags, limited edition wall prints, cards, invitations. I LOVE it all.

Some more of Bespoke Letterpress

Another lovely stall. The London Club
I am in love with their totes and little tea cup pot plants for herbs.

Look at these! Golden Books recycled into diaries!

Kewpie Dolls. Not for sale :(

Out in the garden, live music, smooth coffee and cold drinks.

I am falling more in love with Brisbane each weekend!

See Bespoke Press's post about the market HERE. Warning, beautiful photos!


  1. Looks beautiful. Your lovely words give me hope for my 30's!

  2. really love this post! There is so much fabulousness in Brisbane, I must get out and enjoy haha. Isn't the old museum just beautiful?

    I love the fact that you are loving your life right now.


  3. Ah, now the penny drops! I saw you there on Sunday, and wondered where on earth where I knew you from, as you looked so familiar! It was a great day, wasn't it, and the place looked amazing. And you're right - Brisbane is the bomb! Will say hi next time, now I've put two and two together :) K xx

  4. Agreed Digella, Brisbane is the most wonderful, beautiful city in the world. I lived in London for 3 years in my early 20,s, while it was fun & exciting at the time I would not trade Brisbane for anything!!
    And damn it that I missed this gorgeous market..


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