Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Through the Glass ~ Kim Thanh Celebrating 24 Years

Last night Kim Thanh's restaurant celebrated 24 years in business. Bao (their son and apprentice chef) hosted a wonderful night in honour of his Mum.
Bao's Tasting Menu

Grilled Pork Rice Paper Rolls with Hue Dipping Sauce
Pickled Lotus Stem Salad with Prawn and Pork Belly
Master Stock Cooked Duck with Egg Noodles in Chinese Herb Broth
Wok Tossed Black Angus with Dalat Salad and Tomato Rice
Roasted Coconut & Lychee Ice Cream

Master Stock Cooked Duck with Egg Noogles in Chinese Herb Broth

Grilled Pork Rice Paper Rolls with Hue Dipping Sauce

I am sorry there are no more photos. The company was wonderful and I was so busy talking to all my blogging friends and enjoying myself.  I love my food blogging friends! Here they are:

Gastronomy Gal
Chocolate, Cheese and Chips
Sensible Spice
Life at Tuna Ranch

And I met the author of Brisbane Budget Bites. Great book!  Also Emma Daley of Black Pearl Epicure was there but I didnt get too much time to talk with her. I will next Tuesday at our exciting Brisbane Food Bloggers Dinner at Black Pearl!

So much fun and Bao did an amazing job working all day and not finishing up until 2am this morning.

P.S. I am having lots of probs with blogger lately... gggrrrr


  1. YUM!!!!!!!!
    I love love LOVE rice paper rolls...and they look so damn good!

  2. Oh that looks so good D. Wish i was there!


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