Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wrath of the Hungry Spawn

After Christmas Carol night at my boy's school and the boys heading off to other activities with friends (yes they are getting so grown up I can not believe it) the little one and I headed to downtown Sunnybank for a bit of Asian persuasion.

Deciding upon Little Singapore we grab a table and the whining begins. "I'm starving." "How long is it going to be"

Unfortunately my little girl inherited my hungry cranks. When I haven't eaten I become a bitch.

My little angel turns into the devil!

She so pissed off she is trying to hide from me taking a photo of her.

No sooner could I put my camera away, our food arrived and she is happy again!

Little Singapore was good. Really good. In and out in 20 minutes and less than $25 for two. Perfect.


  1. It looks as if she's about to stick you with those chopsticks! Note to self ... remove chopsticks from ravenous children when dining at Asian restaurants in the future ;-)

  2. oohh that looks delicious, must go! The happy one looks most content too!

  3. ha ha the hungry cranks- so funny. I get them too.


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