Monday, December 6, 2010

Babes in Business Lunch + Business Woman of the Year

Oh there is just too much going on in life at present.

I attended the December's bloggers dinner, which I will blog about soon.   My eldest son graduated primary school followed by a dinner.

I attended a Lovo Fijian Feast! And drank Kava for the first time. I will post about this with photos soon.

But the biggest event by far was hosting 21 women to the Babes in Business Event. WOW! What an amazing day.

So where do I start?

Well it was a Holiday Glamour theme - think Sex and the City goes to Abu Dhabi. I struggled with an outfit as the dress I really wanted made me look 'wide' my friends told me. In the end I purchased something which caused the following comments from the children:

Son 11 yrs "Wow mum, you look like Lady GaGa"
Son 12 yrs "Mum, are you going to an 'Under the Sea' party?"

So sporting my new under the sea dress with hot pink patent clutch and new OPI nail polish to match I headed to Moda events at Portside.

It was a blind date with a few girls, so it was both exciting and scary. Some girls I felt I had known for years but never face to face. And others I had actually known for years!

So lets tell it it photos shall we, much easier than reading jargon from moi!

Tracey from Knack PR and HERE
Ruth is on witness protection so we cant reveal any more (just kidding)
Melissa from Taybian Designs

Samantha from Adarna Consulting
Stacey THE Sunny Mummy
Bianca from Peekaboo Magazine
Nim Alan from Cherry Pink

Me, Bianca and Nim

Melinda from Lily G and HERE
Me (again sorry)

A 'Through the Glass' photo of a sweet cupcake!

There were also some new friends and some old friends who joined us, but there were cameras going off everywhere and I didn't get a photo with everyone!

So what was the best thing about the day? There were many amazing things.

1. I got to meet people I have known through blogging and business but never got to meet IRL (in real life) and it was soooooo great!

2. I nominated Stacey Sullaphen, the Sunny Mummy for 'Ultimate Babe of the Year' and considering she arrived in Brisbane only a week ago from Sydney, she was Highly Commended!

3. I nominated Biana Shugg, publisher of Peekaboo Magazine for 'Business Woman of the Year' and

This is the current copy of Peekaboo. Grab it at wonderful outlets around Australia!

I am so proud of Bianca. But honestly, the best thing about the day, and when I think about it I get tears welling up.... women supporting women. Thoroughly. Completely. Without judgement.

What a wonderful day!

So grateful!


  1. You are right- that is SO lovely, and so rare! Wish I could have come - looks like you had a fabulous day! P.S You look great, not like you are Aerial or any other Mermaid at an under the sea party.

  2. DC - great wrap up of a fabulous day. Thanks so much for organising it and getting all those awesome women together. You are right in saying that it was truly a day of women celebrating the success of other women. Thanks for sharing and keeping a record here on your fabulous blog!

  3. I am so outsourcing the ballet rehearsal gig next year so I can go to the Babes in Business lunch! I've just finished looking through the 135 pictures on their Facebook page and it took me until photo 133 to spy you, Digella. Were you being camera shy? Love the "under the sea" comments. Do you just love children's honesty? Next year, I'll be there!

  4. I had so much fun!!! Thanks soooo much for inviting me - I'll be there again next year!


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