Monday, December 6, 2010

Fijian Lovo Feast

 Ron and Tania (ex brother and sister in law) hosted a Fijian Lovo on the weekend. A Lovo is Fiji's verson of a New Zealand hungi.

The Frangipani tree grown from a cutting from Liana's school fete 2 years ago. Blooming just in time!

This is going in, can you guess what it could be?

So the pit is dug.
The river rocks are in.
The timber on top.
Now it needs to burn away to coals.
Only then will it be ready to add the food.
So all the food was put in and we have three hours until we can eat.
What ever shall we do while we wait?

Let's have some Kava!

Kava is a plant grown in the Pacific islands. In Fiji it is sometimes called yaqona.

The powder is made from the dried root. It is a mild sedative and is said to promote vivid dreams (more about that later) It is banned in some places / countries as it is said to be addictive. I don't know, it tastes like dirt!
The power is sprinkled into a calico cloth.

The cloth is then twisted off and water is poured over to begin the infusing

As the fibers start releasing more water is added 
The cloth is squeezed over and over again.

Time to drink.

As you can see the traditional bowl is carved from once piece of timber.
Normally used to hold Ron's TV remotes!

So the deal is, right before you drink everyone claps three times.
Then you drink. Then everyone claps three times again. It is all part of the ceremony.

Oh! The Lovo is ready!

The digging begins.

Oh we have struck the hessian. And the steam begins to rise.

The hessian is folded back.

Then the banana leaves layers. Heaps of layers.


Everything needs to be carefully lifted out of this hot earth oven.
There is that alfoil again. Oh what could it be?

Lifting everything out. Lamb, pork, potatoes.
It is all passed along up to the table where everyone is preparing to eat.

There it is. The alfoil present! A beautiful fish (which I now cant remember what)

Some of the food.

A coconut salad in a handmade Fijian bowl.

I got into the spirit along with everyone else.

And my niece actioned a bowl.

 I hope you enjoyed that taste of Fiji. Well I tasted and it was amazing! You just looked. Sorry ;)

P.S. Oh and Corey (12 year old) had some Kava and I found him playing baseball in his room during the night while sleeping! Interesting vivid dreams all right!


  1. wow that looks great. I remember going to a Hungi when I was a kid and loved that it was all cooked in the ground. Love the basket too

  2. What a great hand-on meal! Looks like a lot of fun :)


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