Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baked Relief Sunday

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For up to date requests and locations monitor twitter
@digellabakes and @melkettle
Even better, look up #bakedrelief
as requests are coming through all the time.

~On Sat 16 Jan - #bakedrelief trended in the Top 5 tweets in Australia~

How can you help?
As the clean up is moving around the city and as each section is cleaned up, the crew move on, so unfortunately I am half a day behind on locations.

Or give to the cause HERE where we plan to provide ongoing food packs to families in need and in the Lockyer Valley where it is really needed. Many farms have lost all food due to no power since Monday.

Where it matters - The residents
I need my army (you) to travel to a suburb close to you which has been affected. Find some volunteers and / or some people who have been affected by the flood and are cleaning up and provide some baked cheer to them. I can honestly tell you, delivering a treat to those who have been affected has been the most FANTASTIC part of this project for my army. Don't be shy, just do it.

Load up your baking, try and carpool to reduce traffic on the road.
Slap on some suncream
Have everything wrapped in individual portions (perfect for muddy hands)
Cold poppers have been REALLY well recieved!
Fruit is KING at present. Wash and wrap an apple in gladwrap and take them down and hand them out. (I heard that Zone Fresh locations are well stocked with fruit)
Grab some serviettes and hand sanitizer
Go to an affected area and find a street of people working to clean their homes
Throw a big smile on your face and tell them you are bringing Baked Relief to help them keep going.DONT UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO PEOPLE!

These are the affected suburbs/locations who have specifically contacted me for help in the last 12 hours:
Fernvale (desperate for care as feel they have been forgotten :(

St Lucia - flood affected streets need fruit, water and wraped treats
Goodna - Woogaroo Street -  flood affected streets need fruit, water and wraped treats
Bellbowrie -flood affected streets need fruit, water and wraped treats
Moggil - flood affected streets need fruit, water and wraped treats
Karrana Downs - flood affected streets need fruit, water and wraped treats
Rocklea - Specifically Ashover Street. These business have lost EVERYTHING Full list of suburbs HERE

Head to the area, find people and give. If they already have enough Baked Relief, move to another location. We can help these residents and volunteers smile!

So these are the locations for Volunteering Hubs which you can drop off your treats too as well. Make sure it is already portioned!

ST LUCIA - Cnr Coldridge and Carmody Street

WEST END - cnr Melbourne & Boundry Roads  All the good work done! YAY

FAIRFIELD - vnr Venner and Fairfield Roads

YERONGA - The Esplanade (down by the river)

And there are more, but I just dont have the details on them at the moment and as you can imagine, this is a moving feast! Follow on twitter if you can :)

I have the most amazing team of people working with me on this. THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Most I have never met, yet they are for the cause and doing the most amazing things. When I met Rachel (coordinating Rosalie/Milton and areas) for the first time I cried because what is happening here in Brisbane is so amazing.

Yesterday was possibly the most emotional day of my life. The loss, the mess and the smell. But the love and care I experienced while I cried with grown men about the spirit and the feeling here in Brisbane of everyone working together was heart filling.

We are also continuing to provide all meals to Volunteering Qld head office who are managing all the calls! 22,000 calls THIS WEEK! And Baked Relief is keeping them going.
Monitor twitter @digellabakes or @melkettle #bakedrelief as requests are coming through all the time.

Twitter is how I will update anything I know during the day. Tweet me if you know an area in need or if the area has enough and I will retweet it out to the army of Baked Relief crew :) Try to add #bakedrelief to your tweet too and help will come.

I am also working hard (well harder) to pull together care kits to take our to Lockyer Valley in the coming days. So many have lost everything and the ones who haven't or have minimal flood damage hav been without power for 5-6 days and lost all of their food as well as damage to their properties

We have raised over $1,000 towards this cause. I have lots of good ideas for this money. See
You can be inspired or be an inspiration...
this post for how I spent the first bits of the money.
If you would like to give where we can make a difference directly to the flood affected with food give HERE.


  1. Digella, we are so lucky to have wonderful people like you. I am from a small country town in Victoria. Thanks for the opportunity to help out in some small way. I hope you raise heaps of money. Take care. Deb.

  2. I just did a post on my blog to help raise funds, if you girls are looking for other locations Rocklea is in need :)))

  3. This is such a wonderful idea! I am a teacher and our school is donating a days work from all of our 150staff. A few friends and I are going to bake up a storm and deliver to Goodna!!! THANK YOU!!

  4. I am in awe of the great work you and you're team are doing...WELL DONE!!!!
    I want to make some cushions for people to have something handmade when they move into new accommodation...if you know who I should contact to send them to...on your travels...please let me know...I'm your follower email is on the blog. Thanks.

  5. Baked up many many Anzac biscuits, muffins, cupcakes and made fresh fruit salad, stopped at Coles for bottled water to give and did the rounds today. I dont have twitter so It was a bit tricky but glad I could help a little.


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