Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Time Around Sydney

Just when I thought I could take breath and spend a day in Sydney away from trauma, Cyclone Yasi hit. I was waiting at the airport ready to board the plane and I was mega stressed, we still hadn't got news if everyone I knew in Tully was ok and what exactly the damage was. But I tried to just take stock in the knowledge that when we knew, we would do what we could to help. So I decided on a media shut down.

All tv, radio, social media from 5pm until 5am the next morning.

I ate, drank, slept, listened to music, had long showers and indulged in general. It was still hard with the situation unfolding still in the back of my head.

I had some tasks to do while I was down there, so got into that. Then on the Saturday I was tour-guided around Sydney.

There is no airconditioning on most public transport.
It got to 44 degrees on the day I was there. It was still 36 degrees at midnight that night!
Its busy and crowded and has lots of people.
The harbour is beautiful.
I love Manly.
On recommendation we found this bar at the Sebel at Manly and stayed for hours, it was fantastic.

Sydney is where the doctors think I obtained one of the stomach bugs I picked up which made me very sick which was compounded by the ones I got in SEQ due to flood water etc. YUCKS!

I did get a chance to eat with an old friend at Rockpool. Was great!

I ate at a few other place too. Of course I did!

A little piece of my heart is held in Sydney now.

We had the most memorable afternoon here. It was 43 degrees!
Sebel Manly

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