Saturday, March 5, 2011

At Home with Australia's Governor-General

I am trying to refrain from writing about my Baked Relief work here, so I will talk about the events and other stuff, not the hard work. That is saved for the site

Anyway, because I was out and about working hard on Baked Relief, this arrived in the mail and by the time I took it out of the letterbox it was covered in mold. BIG SAD FACE!


Then I got very very sick and we had to cross our fingers and hope the Doc was going to let me out of hospital to make it. I begged him and he did, as long as I was going to be very well taken care of if I did head to Sydney. And I was, very well looked after.

There were all sorts of well known faces of the political world.

Tanya Plibersek MP was there with her cute little baby boy which our G-G spent time holding and cooing.
Bronwyn Bishop was there too, she is short and had big hair and reminds me of an old school house madam!

Valentines Day!

The G-G has special Police

The G-Gs sitting room

Kay and me. I am drinking some pineapple, mango fruit thing, the G-G had the same as me!

Her beautiful outfit, she is always so stylish, and she had the most funky red wedges!

Our G-G has a love of teacups, as do I

These were Bronwyn Bishop's shoes, I do not like.

From the lawn. What an amazing house.

I love this sideboard. Can you see the coat of arms. Amazing.

Me in the garden. Was just beautiful.

Me with Kathy and John Mahon.
These guys are just amazing and we caught up with them in Sydney.
Resuced from their roof in Grantham, they have the most amazing story and with the Kerry Anne Show we organised a very special Valentine's Day treat for them.
You can watch it here. Get the tissues ready!

I have another big fancy smancy event this week to celebrate International Women's Day. But I am unable to talk about it because I was told it was 'under wraps' until the night. Not that I know any more than I am invited.  Intriguing!

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  1. Well done, you deserved it you did an amazing job during the floods. ;-)


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