Wednesday, March 9, 2011

International Women's Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day for women.

It marked the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day.

I received a special invitation to attend the Premier's Event at Parliament House.

Ten women were presented with an award. I was one of them. It was amazing. I cried. I cried a lot. These other women were truly inspirational.

When all these wonderful women were being acknowledged, I turned to the lady beside me and said "I shouldn't be here, all I did was bake some cupcakes!" hehehe

But really, we have achieved so much with Baked Relief.
  • We have fed at least 10,000 people during sandbagging, flood clean up and those affected by flooding.
  • We have provided 100 families with essentials kitchen kits to start their life again. (Lockyer Valley and Tully Heads)
  • We have provided thousands of dollars of vouchers for Coles, IGA and Kitchen stores in local areas. The importance of this is three fold. 1. The families make their own choices and this empowers them. 2. We are generating local economy 3. We are support the store owners (many of them affected too) 
  • We have provided home cooked meals to families in the Lockyer Valley. 
  • We have provided power tools and assistance to rebuild the Lockyer Valley. 
  • Parkview Aged Care worked with us and provided at least 100 families set back up in bed with new linen, pillows and towels all by donations by lovely staff and residents.
  • We have launched and provided support to Baked Relief NZ.
We have so many projects underway. One which is really exciting me is the Cookbook Drive to have those lovely men and women who love to cook back in the kitchen with books to drool over. Check back on to see more.

Sorry this has been yet another Baked Relief post, for the moment it is my life!

Me with the Honorable Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier and woman of the day!

A note from the Premier last night on twitter! I cried :)

Honouring my Pink Kitchenaid. She must be a woman too!

This weekend I have a very BIG surprise to post about. But its underwraps for now!

I am off to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and to eat myself around Melbourne generally with people I love and people I am yet to meet! EXCITEMENT PLUS!


  1. Life is full of surprises. The things it throws at us & how our life so can easily go in another direction can never be underestimated. Congratulations "Digella"! You deserve your award. Enjoy Melbourne ... lucky you! p.s. I mentioned you on my IWD post too :-)

  2. Hi,

    Congrats...wishing you all the best!!!


  3. Congratulations what a Fantastic Award for a Fantastic Job you did...
    I am a Member of a Group of Ladies who have been making Sewing Kits for all the Patchwork Ladies who lost all their Sewing Items..
    It's a Great Feeling...
    You Should be Very Proud of Yourself & I am so Glad you were Recognised.

  4. Congratulations on winning this award, you certainly deserve it! 'Only baked some cupcakes' hahahahahahahaha!

  5. Danielle! Congratulations! - you've done a great job. Don't, I'm sure you don't, underestimate the comfort and support a homebaked/made item can bring to a person who feels helpless. Let alone any additional donations that were distributed. You deserve it.

  6. have done a marvellous job organising, baking and encouraging deserve all your awards and special dinners!

  7. That's wonderful news! Congratulations. It's lovely to be acknowledged for your amazing efforts. Enjoy your trip. x

  8. How awesome! You have inspired so many with Baked Relief. Well done to you and all who've helped. Congratulations.

  9. Am excited to hear your big surprise. hope you have a fabo time at Melbs. xx

  10. well done you,a legend in your own lunchbox :) norma

  11. Congratulations!! You surely do deserve it.

    I hope Nigella does something super for you!


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