Monday, September 26, 2011

Boy, Girl or Lady Gaga!?

The face or a boy or a girl?

Friday was gender day for the Digella Baby.

I wanted a surprise, but the children thought they could see a ‘doodle’ at the 13 week scan and now are convinced it’s a boy. This pregnancy was surprise enough I think, so we have decided to find out.

Do you know how hard it is to find unisex newborn clothes which are actually nice? Virtually impossible so after the scan its blue or pink buy up time!

I am nesting for sure. I have sketched garden beds, chosen paint, drawn up room plans and donated lots of clothes and toys.

I have lists and budgets and planning schedules. It is slightly over the top but I love order. I also love Howard’s Storage World.

Last week I decided to re silicon the sink, plant 10 climbing plans I purchased at Bunnings and scrub mould off the old timber at the back of the house. Remembering that mould spores are not good when you’re knocked up, and potting mix is not cool either, I focused my attentions back to the siliconing. At 9pm at night.

I have learned two things about myself during this process.

I am supremely crap at siliconing the sink.

I am superbly good at siliconing diamond rings to ones hands.

I also travelled to glamorous Rockhampton last week for work. If there is another thing I know I excel at its taking on too much at any one time.

Another thing about this pregnancy is my yearning for coke (as in the brown fizzy kind) oranges and Maxibon icecreams. Restricting coke to a few times a week and Maxibons to just weekends I have kept my weight gain in control so far.

So now we know the flavour of our baby but are keeping is still a little quiet for the moment just to let it all soak in and get used to the idea.

Yep, short listed names are picked. That was easy. One is Italian (my heritage) and one French (because we love it).

Nervous and excited!


  1. How exciting!!!! lucky your blog is pink and blue!

  2. Hurry up and tell us..the suspense is overwhelming :-D I love the names, can't wait to hear which it is.

  3. Phew! Love a traditional name because if you were to call anyone J'den, Jaxxon, Tarneeshaah or Jessykiah, I'd have to not speak to you again ;-)

  4. Just catching up! Congratulations, exciting news and fun times ahead. ;-)

  5. OMG, congratulations, was just thinking it was about time to have you over for that coffee and wow. That is a surprise, a lovely one though.
    Give me a yell when you have a free moment.


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