Monday, May 14, 2012

70 Year Old Lace

Here is baby Louie in his christening gown, which was made for me more than 30 years ago out of lace which was more than 40 years old. I'm crap at maths but I know that is more than 70 years old!

I have worn it, as have two of my sisters, five cousins and my three children. Louie is next! Then I might need to have it framed as it is beginning to crumble the poor old girl.

So not long now before little Louie is baptised. All the others were done before 10 weeks old. Ooops! But life is busy.

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  1. It is so great to see you blogging again as it is you I have to blame for this addiction!! Lovely to see you today and you can keeping forgeting the Charlie Brown dress as it will just keep giving us an good excuse to catch up.
    Big Love to you and blow a raspberry on Louie's chubby thigh for me. Yummy.


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