Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hunt or Be Hunted

Saw this magazine on the shelf the other day. It actually caught my eye like a hook. I picked it up, looked at it back and front and looked around quickly to see if anyone actually saw me looking at it. Promptly took this photo as proof this magazine actually exists and went about my business all the while thinking "Seriously, who would buy that?"

Surely if I had the inclination to run I would buy some exercise gear and just start hitting the streets. But not Lorna Jane if you're me because ironically her stuff doesn't fit fat people. And by fat I mean someone who is around a size 14 with big boobs pre breastfeeding. Clearly they have issues right there?

Wouldn't you be wanting some nice stuff I you were a 14+ and wanted to get fit? What I surmise from this is they only want skinny women wearing their stuff. They are fatcist.

So frankly that's just another excuse not to exercise. I can't wear a designer leotard.

So hunt or be hunted.

I am off to stock up on loads of meat for a big cook up tomorrow (hunt). Because frankly I only run if it's a life or death situation (hunted).

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