Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Shiz

Well life is busy.

I have learnt to clean baby poo which even spread as far as baby's face. We call these number 3s.

I have learnt to carry a whole load of fruit and veg shopping from car to house while carrying baby without incident.

I haven't been out much.

Although travelled to Melbourne and spent some time in Byron Bay over Easter.

Babies are time vacuums.

You go through weeks of not being able to get on top of anything and then days when you feel 'I totally have this stay at home mum gig stitched up, complete with freshly baked cake, blowdried hair and clean toilet.

It comes in waves.

Today I actioned a cot handed down from my good friend Julia. I have learnt the waste of over spending on baby good which are only used a few years, so I have become bargain Betty in this department. It is fantastic to have such generous friends... we share. Which reminds me, need to get that sexy Charlie Brown loaned dress back to Julia. If you're reading J, remind me.

Anyway, Its become quite the fun project to see how little one can spend. And baby Louie is wearing knits, circa 1998. That is almost vintage.

Louie's cot total cost was $19.50. It can be done!

Now just to work out how to post more than one photo. Cant work this shiz out either. On this Mac PC.

1 comment:

  1. Louie is just so cute.
    Have a portacot in good condition if you would like it.
    Let me know and I can drop it over to you.


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