Friday, May 18, 2012

Hospital Corners

Things I love about being a mamma to a bubba:

1. You get to snuggle them in bed during the night when it's cold and you feel like a cuddle.

2. You get to agree with strangers when they tell you your baby is cute.

3. You always have someone to have coffee with without feeling lonely.

4. You get to see cheeky smiles many times in a day.

5. You get to relive your childhood and play with little cots but with your added skill of knowing now how to do hospital corners.

This blanket thingy was made by my ex MIL for baby Louie. If one thing is for certain he has loads of people to love him and for him to love back.

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  1. oh so lovely I also love being a mumma to a bubba and cuddles are the best...enjoy! Have a beautiful weekend Digella


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