Friday, July 12, 2013

Capture the Cover ~ Yellow Pages Photography Competition

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WOW! The number of Instagram photos I have taken in the last two and a bit years. Clearly I am addicted. You can follow me HERE if you like. Anyone who does follow me will know that my posts are made up of three things. Baby, food, where I live!

Here are some recent Instagram shots of Southbank. How great is winter in Qld!?



Satisfying both my love of Instagram and my local community Yellow Pages Capture the Cover Photography Competition is all about those two things so BINGO I signed up!
The competition is in its second year and going on LAST YEAR'S COVERS I can only imagine the amazingness which will be created this year as Instagram has been added as a way to enter your photos. Of course you can use a digital camera and send them in too.

Fat Mum Slim has always been my go-to girl for everything Instagram and she got me onto my first Instagram printing platform PRINTSTAGRAM then it went crazy!

Here are my favourite apps for printing Instagram:

Australian based printing company with prices started from $19.95 (30cm x 40cm) to $49.95 (70cm x 100cm).

Check out what Naomi of Seven Cherubs did with eight posters!

Make your very own phone case out of photos from Facebook, your photo library and of course Instagram! So simple to import pics etc. Only $39.95 with free international shipping. Get on board for Fathers Day!

Image from Fat Mum Slim


 Photo on the front, location map on the back serve up in a cute little box which looks like a camera! Brilliant! 

What the Kodak photo lab was to the 35mm film Origrami is to Instagram. So you take your photos, upload them to the site and then they are printed out like old school Polaroid shots and then on the reverse is the location to took the photo in map format. My trip to Tokyo is currently being created this way. How great is that?!

$19.95 for 36 prints!

So back to Capture the Cover....

This year’s theme is Only Locals Know, so each photograph needs to capture something that only you would know about. It might be the best place to get a coffee, or the perfect location to view the sunset, just so long as it’s taken in the region that you live.

I 'live' in two places. Brisbane and Sydney. So I get to shoot and share so many interesting places.

Below is last year's cover in my local hang out. You can see more of last year's entries HERE


So what's the detail?

No photos of people's faces.
Get creative.

Are you going to have a go? Of course you are. It's easy, fun and you could share in $60,000!


  1. Would be lovely if it was available in my area (Gold Coast). Our current 13/14 Yellow pages has a single image on it. Had a look at some of the previous entries in the Brisbane comp and they look amazing!

    1. Oh what a shame! And the GC as so many great photo opportunities. How great are some of the photos?! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the comment. DC


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