Tuesday, June 25, 2013

School Holiday Survival Guide

~ Adapted from THIS post June/July school holidays 2010 ~

The clutter bucket. (Part Shannon Lush, part Digella)

How to get everything back where it belongs at any time of the day.

Grab a bucket / basket / box. I use one of those portable shopping baskets (its pink of course) and walk around the house or the area collecting anything which doesn't belong. I like to sing "one of these things is not like the others" at this point. Then, once its full I call "clutter bucket time" and if it is not cleared within two minutes it goes in the bin. At this point I sing "another one bites the dust"

You must be prepared to throw something out you maybe don't want to. But I can assure you, this will only happen once - watch those little sweethearts fight to get to the clutter bucket like an ibis on fish and chips!

Your house will be tidy in no time!

Make Life Easy

Stop feeling like a short order cook and dish pig and housekeeper.

My Thermomix helps with this, choose easy meals. Then offer fruit at snack time.

Use paper plates and plastic knives and forks. Seriously, it wont cost much and save so much time and effort.

Get out of the house as much as possible. Cabin fever will kill you. Sorry, yes, you must take the kids.

The Magic Clock (this is all my own)

Getting children to bed before you tip over the edge (for the umpteenth time in one day)

At around 6pm fast forward all clocks (between 30 mins and an hour forward works well) gets them to bed at normal time but they think its late. Perfect for away from home holidays because they have been so active all day they will drop to sleep no troubles.

Remove any gadgets showing time (ie ipods)

Ensure you turn clocks back otherwise you could get an unwelcome early morning wake up.

Can not be used on teenagers. Too bloody smart! And don't try and get too cocky and fast forward two hours and try to put them to bed when the sun is still up. Their little bull-shit-o-meters will be on high alert and cover blown!
If all else fails...
Hire a handy and handsome carpenter
Have him to build you this (below)
Install a lock.
Hide inside with wine.

Sourced from babyology.com.au

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