Monday, June 28, 2010

The Week that Was Rockhampton

Last Wednesday at 4am I was up and off to Rockhampton.

The day before my good friend Donna and I headed to Sanitarium Kitchen for a light vegetarian lunch. But let me tell you, you will not miss the meat, it is beautiful.

Sorry, I had already started when I snapped the photo
It was nice to get out of the office to take a breath to enjoy my last day in Brisbane for a little while. And boy did I miss Brisbane.

Day one, I visited the power station which is always interesting.
Rockhampton’s Eifel Tower?
Then on the way back to meeting in town I stopped at this little antique store (as I always do when in Rocky)

Don't you just love the 'Vegi-Tarry-In' ?
So inside it is packed full with stuff and reminded me of my grandmothers house circa 1984 before a garage sale.

While looking at these canisters (very cute) as they made me think of my sister and how much she would love them, out of the corner of my eye, way down under a heap of dust I see a fantastic picnic basket.

You cant see it here, but its right in that dark corner

I pulled it out and asked a few questions and before I knew it, it was mine!

I place it carefully in the back of the hire car.

And it dawned on me that I have to get it home, on a plane. Oh well, these things always sort themselves out. And I thought my Spencer and Rutherford would be the envy of all in the airport!

Then two more days in Rocky of work and planning and during a visit to pick up supplies I stumbled across a 15 Litre bottle of Veuve. I had NEVER seen such a thing and was quick to tell everyone I know that I had seen a 15 Litre bottle full of Veuve, in Rockhampton.

That would have been the very last thing I would have suspected on seeing.

15 Litre, followed by a 10 Litre, then 7 litre, then 3 litre

I wish I had a spare thousand dollars and had a way to get it home.... I already had the basket dilemma to sort!

So after a very tiring week, my basket and I were on our way home to Brisbane.

On its way onto the plane.

While my friend Dee and I chatted and laughed all the way back in the plane I talked constantly about my new picnic basket and what I was going to fill it with and what could its name be and where I would take it. Give me a break – it was 3pm and they bar on the plane doesn’t open until 4pm flights (keep that info for further trips all)

While still at the airport sending messages back and forward between friends about my new basket, it was decided that his name would be Moses.

Wow, what a week!


  1. That lunch looks delish, just what I need right about now.
    Baby moses is so handsome. Can't wait to meet him ;P

  2. Hey Digella- love the picnic basket- totally something I would do!! If you do happen to find a spare 1000, i'm pretty sure First Choice in Toowong have all sizes of Veuve! I did spot some in your picnic basket too - very jealous!


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