Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Behind the Scenes - EKKA

So through the security checks. Up the stairs. And into the cake hall I go.

All cakes delivered for my boys Corey and Addison.

The last few days have been a struggle for me. Handing over the rights and ownership of my kitchen and my beautiful pink Kitchenaid was hard. Even harder was the constant mess I was cleaning up. I swear I found chocolate cake batter on the ceiling. And I have 12 foot ceilings!

The regulations are strict! The junior cakes have to be in 20cm ring tins, iced or uniced/with a specified recipe. And when you drop off the cakes, they are tagged and cross referenced before you place the cake in the hands of the Marshall. I felt like a pageant mum Masterchef style!

This year Corey produced a Marble Cake and a Chocolate Cake. (3rd in 2009)

It was Addison's first year and he made a beautiful looking Chocolate Cake.

The drop off Zone.
The orange crates you see to the bottom left are
some of the crates which unsuccessful baking goes. 
These crates are delivered to a homeless mission in Brisbane tonight.

Addison's Cake.

So judging begins at 12:30pm today. Good luck boys!


  1. Fantastic, I hope they win! That chocolate cake looks devine.

  2. Good luck boys, I look forward to hearing the results :)


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