Monday, September 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Friday was a busy day and Saturday was spent baking ALL DAY. But Friday's TDL (to do list) was full of preparation tasks for the cakes and desserts for the Big Fat Croatian 70th Birthday party combined with some socialising and my sister arriving from Toowoomba for dinner, wine and to spend the night. I had a lot to do from butter purchasing through to Martha Stewart styling of the guest bedroom. I love setting it all up nice for guests. With little bottles of Antipodes water by the bedside and nice books for them to flip through. Makes me feel posh. Martha's Hints are HERE

My Friday tasks and thoughts in pictures.

Packaging Direct - All my boxes, wrappings and cupcake wrappers come from here.

My doggies look like street dogs.
Add 'book puppy's hair cut' to TDL

Kitchenaid in Action. Whipped up 3kg of butter cream! Then had to duck to the shops for more supplies.

Hhhmmmm dammit dirty car. Add 'Digella-Mobile Day Spa' to TDL. I spend a lot of time in the Digella Mobile and like to keep her looking HOT.

12 noon
While waiting at the check out with 4kg of flour and 2kg of Lurpak. Yep, there were stares.
I got the feeling I'm going to need a bit of this in the next few days.

Lunch on the run. While swallowing it I hoped the prepared Asian food didn't kill me with food poisoning. It didn't. I survived.

Pick up little one from school. Yep, early. But it was last day of term.

Trip to lawyer. I am sure I have paid a few wages here over the years by property conveyancing. I have recommended them time and time again.

Need to get into the Clayfield Antique Centre again. I have only visited once in opening week and life has been tooooo busy. Add to TDL

Then through the Clem 7. Say what you will about Can Do Campbell spending all that money, but that $2 toll tunnel rocks my world.

Tea, Macarons, Peekaboo and catch up with Sharnel Dollar (with a little Internet chat with Glory) Sharnel has some beautiful stock arriving to buy soon. I can promise you - this will change dessert tables in Australia FOREVER! And I got a sneak peek. YAY

Stopped into the market for some supplies for dinner. And checked out the flowers for tables for the event.

This is how the take home cupcakes turned out. Time to put these little babies away and action dinner.

Onions, fennel and tarragon in the pan with Lurpak no less.
I turned this into Baked Tarragon Chicken with Kipfler Potatoes
Was yummo. Thanks for the tip Anni, you're ace xox

Some Julie and Julia viewing. Yep, I just have no words for this one!

Some more Julie and Julia viewing. How great does this dinner party look. I couldn't help but notice the bridge in the background which reminds me of Brisbane's Storey Bridge.

OH MY GOODNESS! The Dinner Party Angels are sending me a message!

It is time to host the 2010 dinner party.

Maybe I am hallucinating. I think I need to go to bed.



  1. Sounds like the party will be super what a busy but fun filled day you had.

  2. As long as you invite me, I'll be happy ;) Have you been in the new building at the antique store yet? Droolable.

  3. OK so call me crazy but what is Lurpak? Oh and that really does look like the Story Bridge in the background! They could have been right here in Bris Vegas! Christine xo


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