Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nigella Lama

Oh Nigella. You rock my world.

Not only are you stunning, you also provide wonderful child raising advice.

In THIS article in The Age this week she quotes,
"Today's parents, she suggested, mistakenly believed that they had to make cooking "all fun and recreational".

"My mother was a great believer in child labour," Lawson said.

"From quite a young age, five and six probably, my sister and I would be propped up on rickety wooden chairs and put to work."
She added: "I think there was a different view of childhood then - we were expected to be useful to our parents. So we were trained up very early and we all took turns cooking my father's (former chancellor Nigel Lawson's) breakfast."

You are the Nigella Lama of the kitchen.


  1. A lot of ppl were offended by what she said, but I think she was misunderstood. I think there is merit in what she's saying!

  2. The shop was a funny little Country shop in Coff's harbor. Wouldn't have even gone in there but they had some bird cages hanging in the window, gets me every time.
    Do you know anyone who has some bell jars, the new ones I have seen from VM have dome written on then and are a funny shape.


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