Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Scheming - Green and Pink

In 2007 I hosted Christmas Day and everything was themed lime and hot pink. I LOVED IT! And so did everyone else.

Each year I change the theme, but I want to do pink and green again. So I will.

This year though, I am thinking a few shades of each colour to create a softer, more feminine feel. Why not!

I found these beauties through a fave blogger of mine Tanya over at Save the Date for Cupcakes, who found these on Sweet Cupcakes and Treats.

I am in adoration of talented people.

I just wish I lived near Pakenham, Victoria, Australia and I would be on her WEBSITE and order some of these babies for my Christmas Table 2010.


  1. Digella, you manage to come across some of the most beautiful things. I love Christmas too - you are going to be in charge of inspiring me! !

  2. What a gorgeous combination! Soft and sweet! Not to mention delicious. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  3. Oh I love Christmas, I'm sure with your amazing cooking skills you could whip up something similar.
    I love those Christmas tree cupcakes, too cute.
    Christmas is coming fast, note to self, must get organized :-)

  4. My daughter just said "Wow" what are they? We love the Coconut Ice Balls. Your Christmas table will look amazing! Mimi x

  5. Digella, hello! Thank you for blogging about my Christmas collection! When you get a minute, can you drop me a line with your postal address, so I can send you a little thank you token?


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