Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gastronauts Supper Club

Tonight I will experience something unlike any other.

Through the Brisbane Food Bloggers group I met Mr Food Bling who enthusiastically explained the Gastronauts Supper Club which he founded.

Taken from the blog:
Gastronauts Supper Club is where Brisbane foodies go for dinner. Sick of eating at the same restaurants all the time? If you'd rather enjoy a relaxed dinner cooked at the home of a fellow foodie, then send us an email. Gastronauts Supper Club holds regular dinners around Brisbane, but as all meals are hand cooked, seats are limited.

Tonight's theme is Moroccan, which I have limited knowledge of.  I can not wait to see and smell all the food and learn all the ins and outs of Moroccan food.
Nigella with her couscoussier (a Moroccan steamer ensemble)

Stay tuned for the Through the Glass style review in the next few days.


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